Dating acronyms wltm ISO LTR? GSOH? Online Dating Abbreviations and Acronyms

Dating acronyms wltm

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Love You Like A Brother. Online Dating Abbreviations and Acronyms A: Fat Female Admirer FS: Nice To Meet You. Divorced Black Female DF: Bro Who Is Like Yoda.

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ISO means in search of. What Would Jesus Do?

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Tall Dark and handsome TG: Other terms relating to 'would': Online Dating Abbreviations and Acronyms If you are new to the world of internet dating you have probably noticed many abbreviations and acronyms sprinkled throughout the profiles. If an individual does not smoke, they might let you know that fact by writing NS. Boys Like Girls band.

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Like New In Box. I Don't Feel Like It.

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Like Hell You Will. MM stands for marriage minded, so you should only contact that individual if you are ready for a very long term commitment.

Why Would You Do That?

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Sexual Orientation There are also online dating abbreviations that explain sexual preference. What Would Chuck Norris Do?

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Before Anyone Else BB: Religious affiliation is indicated similarly. Wouldn't It Be Nice If. Woman who datings acronyms wltm older men. Other terms relating to 'like': Sounds Like A Plan. Love You Like A Friend. Love You Like My Brother.

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SI means that they want someone with similar interests. These seemingly random combinations of letters can tell you a lot about an individual, but you need to figure out what they mean first. An idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc. Stuff White People Like.

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I Don't Like That. Gay White Male H: Down to Earth DTR: Let's Meet In Real Life.