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Antique and vintage glassware ranges from dating antique glass to fantastic, and affordable to outrageous - literally something for everyone. Antique glass old glass Glass age Antiques guide vaseline glass. Tiffany Favrile glass was marked in a number of different ways, including the L.

Aurene is one of the most popular styles made by Steuben Glass Works While the Aurene signature may look amateurish, the one shown here is on a genuine piece of Steuben glass.

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Fenton used this oval mark beginning inand later added the "8" to denote the s. You have found a handled sugar that has the letter "C" inside a diamond shape on the bottom.

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First, see if the glass is marked, finding a mark is the first thing to look for when buying ANY antique, period. Let us know if you think we can improve our service in any way. Production ceased inbut the company sold off its remaining inventory until when it officially went out of business. Such work required skilled craftsmen and a great deal of manufacturing time.

This is one of several marks used by Durand Art Glass from the mids into the early s. The Jeannette Glass Company "J" in a square mark is reversed so it can be viewed through the dating antique glass of the glass when looking inside. For more examples including L. This underlined "N" in a circle mark is the most prolific on classic Carnival glass made by Northwood.


This is a paper label used c. Some glass, such as pressed glass, can be identified by the pattern. Continue to 19 of 22 below. Of course if you are new to the glass field you may not notice this at first, but experts in the glass field find these features helpful. Jeannette also used a "J" in a triangle or a "J" standing alone as their mark on occasion.

How to identify antique glass. Continue to 2 of 22 below. Continue to 4 of 22 below. Continue to 12 of 22 below.


Small wonder then that in many cases the bottle was more than half the cost of the product. This mark was used by Jefferson Glass Company on utility glass and its "Chippendale" pattern of tableware.

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Here is an example: MORE molded rather than etched, acid cut or decorated in some other hand applied fashion. This is the distinctive "H" within a diamond raised mark used on some pieces made by Heisey Glass Company. You can probably find most of these on eBay! With each chart the reader will find accompanying pictures to further aid in bottle identification and age.