Dating antique quilts Dating quilts - a brief overview

Dating antique quilts, patterns in quilts

This mint condition Dresden Plate, as it can work turned in any direction, will fit a single, double or queen size bed.

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The quilting is exceptional as would be expected of an Amish quilt of this date. Completely hand quilted with outline quilting. This quilt would be an amazing art piece for your wall.

With its large size and multiple hues it can be used almost anywhere a splash of fun and color is desired, from a bedroom to a playroom and beyond. Three blocks of different datings antique quilts are combined to create what I believe is an original dating antique quilts pattern.

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Such a fun and graphic wool quilt in a variation of the Hole in the Barn Door, or House Top, pattern. This design gives the quilt a bullseye effect drawing ones eye from the outside to the very center.

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The filler or warp threads pass over yarns in an irregular pattern. The cramped quarters of prairie homesteads called for quilting on a smaller scale, so women turned to piecing and appliqueing lap-sized blocks rather than beginning with a quilt-sized piece of cloth.

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Most of the blocks are outlined quilted. The history has been lost in time.

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The whites are between the various printed pieces forming a more detailed fan square. In fact, the quilts that most typify those years when Victoria last reigned in England are not really quilts at all, but thin parlor throws meant to thrill the eye--not warm the body.

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These are string stars, made from fabrics of this timeframe It can also be used as an additional cover to your cooler season blankets. This wonderfully artistic quilt appears to be unused.

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At home on the tabletops, sofa arms and piano backs of overstuffed parlors, these throws had neither quilting nor batting. Remember, all our quilts are sent on approval.

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This quilt consists of 18 inch rings and a smorgasbord of s fabrics in every conceivable color, pattern and design. All piecing was done by hand with the blocks joined by machine. The edge of the quilt is finished using two borders on all four sides.

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Home dyes used onionskin, nut shells and bark to create yellows, browns and greens, but they were not used as commonly as myth has it. It's tough to accurately date a quilt unless you're an antiques appraiser, but by looking for a few clues, you can deduce its general age.

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Blubars, I haven't any idea about the age of your quilt but, I love it. Early quilts usually were constructed by adding border strips to a large, central fabric panel, giving the bedcover a framed effect. Then you have a name for it and an era!