Dating caminetto pipes The History of Caminetto (shapes, stamping, articles, etc.)

Dating caminetto pipes

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Check out the 60 Minutes piece on counterfeit wines from this past weekend. Maybe, they had more than one glass of wine each, but it's not certain whether the distinctive mustache dating caminetto pipes on the stem and the Caminetto slogan "La Pipa del Baffo" - "the pipe with the mustache" - was created the same night.

Hence "Caminetto", the diminutive smaller singular version of camino, was coined as the brand's name. The mouthpiece felt strange in the mouth, Plexiglas being somewhat harder than vulcanite; however, the material did not oxidize over a period of time, thus, did not produce that terrible look and taste so often associated with a pipe.

There are two different types of stamps, one in which is not in use anymore.


I remember when Harvey passed and his collection was sold by Barry Levin. Contact me if you want more info about helping my buddy out on value. I love the pipe and just want to learn more about it. The brand met with almost immediate success here, and with greater success when importation rights were assumed by Tinder Box International for sale exclusively through its franchised shops. Pipes were made by standard shape numbers, and there was no longer room for his own creative pipemaking and personal development.

From what I've seen and experienced, the above is what the pipe will be stamped and not "Prestige.

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I could not find a date code on the box at all, but the Caminetto is in script. It's one of the higher rv hookup fees datings caminetto pipes in my collection, and I'd like to know more about it.

Ironically enough, the increasing demand soon drove Ascorti and Radice to the limits of their production.

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I will certainly save it to my archives. I wouldn't want to muddy the waters with bad information. The moustache is comma-like. God that makes me sound an old fobbie so please forgive me.

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Thanks for posting all of the information Josh, it is truly a help for any collector of the brand and you have done a great job amassing all of the stories and other info. He shipped some pipes across the pond for inspection and received excellent feedback for the very high quality of the pipes. The first is the traditional "Caminetto" stamp in script, followed by a 4 part grid with numbers.

I see this one has been dragged up from the depths! After his wife Paola had taken over her parent's small greengrocery in the early 60s, this plan became more concrete.

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East Texas Registration date: I picked it up for 89 datings caminetto pipes at a pipe shop in Ohio last month. The additional income from the shop enabled him to buy tools and machines little by little to furnish his own workshop. Permissions in this forum: Davoli is said to be the one who associated the pipes with the fireplace or chimney, which is "camino" in Italian.


Register or log in lost password? Radice, being an employed pipemaker rather than a partner, could not assert himself. First Luigi Radice became increasingly discontent with the factory like production. In saying such, Roberto has been his "flavor" on many of the Caminetto models over the years, stretching and adjusting some shapes to his own liking and style.

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I'd believe joshoowah's information. Most demand true value for their money, and will not purchase a product simply because it is new or different. Upon leaving Caminetto, Luigi Radice went through huge difficulties, but through the s he also managed to establish himself as independent pipemaker. One of the first who agreed to market their pipes was Gianni Davoli, proprietor of a tobacco shop in Milan. Radice started quarreling with Ascorti about the future course of Caminetto, and they were unable to find a solution.

Certainly, Italy was not known for producing excellent briar smoking pipes; that distinction belonged to two other European nations- France and England.

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I would think I would have responded to joshoowah's call out to me.