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Dating challenge sims 3

I may do things differently: Just no more kids. How will the 'matchmaker' earn money?

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If you have forgotten your password, click hereor if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. I'm gonna bookmark it and come back to it once I've completed my asylum challenge.

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Day 2…At 12 noon, the first single sim must move out. Or maybe they earn money for every couple they get together, like perhaps 1, simoleons per couple?

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It seems fairly easy but perhaps I can try it sometime? Also, the hot tub is about 3 Sim hours. IE, getting lots of friends, etc?

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Search Wiki Search Members. I really like the concept just not sure about the details.

I will post pictures and updates here! I don't want that for my children. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of The game's "story progression" has never been too good at coupling people up anyways Put Lonely Sim in a hot tub.

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Trademarks are the dating challenge sims 3 of their respective owners. If a generation doesn't have a specific career you may choose what career you want. This is not all together easy… Make sure when flirting that your other Sims are preoccupied with something else or there could be trouble in paradise.

This looks incredibly fun!

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You can move them out and they keep all the money. Generation 7, I left it in as having a lot of money and a lot of Sims knowing you. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

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I did this challenge in the Sims 3 and download the Deathnote mod to kill my Sims. I would love to see how you make this work.

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