Dating conn saxophones Conn 6M “Transitional” Saxophones

Dating conn saxophones

The alto also lacks the body-to-bell-key-cage pantsguard- perhaps if we could find out if a ,xxx horn would have that, that could tell us something.

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Produced between and approximatelyConn called these simply "New Wonder". This is a name that is rarely if ever used in saxophone circles as far as I am aware, but it is what Conn called them through at least In spite of persistent rumor to the contrary, Dr.

The last major feature to change over was the pinky table, which is a New Wonder II style albeit with a smooth rather than crosshatched G until about ,xxx. I myself am not a saxophone expert; for more information please see the Conn section of the Sax Pics website.

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If you have an undamaged and completely original Conn neck with or without the stamp and also know how to use calipers correctly and feel like helping out, please send me the following measurements in thousands of an inch:. The bell keys switch from a split bell key design to left-hand design at about ,xxx. I am currently working on measuring Conn transitional necks, and when I have a conclusion if I reach one I will post it here.

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Conn was one of the largest saxophone manufacturers of its day, and its production volume was quite high. These are merely the most obvious physical changes to the alto, which also had an entirely new and much-improved key mechanism and a new body tube, giving improved intonation and much easier volume control.

And why was the alto so far ahead of its time assuming the serial rings true s, dating conn saxophones the tenors were only different in a few areas?

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This is why there are noticeable clusters of production for horns like the Buescher Tipped Bell soprano, the King Zephyr Special, the Conn 26M, the Selmer Dorsey Special… they are different enough from the other horns being produced at the same time at the same factory that we can begin to outline the batches. No information survives about these terms, but they may involve different neck designs or tapers.

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In saxophone circles these are often referred to as either "M" models or "Naked Lady" models q. The first tenor was marked ,xxxXthe second ,xxxX, and the alto was marked ,xxxAX.

Conn Saxophone recognition guide

Numbers and Letters On the back of many Conn saxophones and other woodwinds you will find a bunch of numbers and letters. The problem up to now has been that no one has made any measurements or other tests on these particular horns.

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The dating conn saxophones hand bell key versions seem to be more rare. Conn burned all its datings conn saxophones in Dating websites bridgwater the stamp is not shown in the photos, its existence is confirmed by its previous owner and its current owner.

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Pan American On Pan American models the format is this: The intonation on the 6M transitionals in particular is usually very good with a sensitive overhaul, and the quality of construction is second to none. The "New Invention" is an official Conn model name, produced between and Take it for what you will.

Conn Saxophone Serial Number List

Art deco style engraving detail. In this example a 14M Bass saxophone.

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M This line consists of two parts: Feature table Here is a table of some of the mechanical aspects of the various saxophone models and how they differ from each other. For altos, the serial number range automotive dating site the transitional horns is roughlytogive or take a few- which means from roughly to The number is the serial number.

The suffix A disappears from 6Ms and 26Ms at xxx late