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Richard P 4 Oct Because Manufacturing frames built and stamped with datecoded serial numbers is different from Assembly machines assembled, painted and distributed to dealers, and reported to trade associations.

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Thanks a heap, Nick! This strange Classic 12 with a single row of Greek characters is a bit of a mystery.

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Click to see the whole ad. Production limps along like this, perhaps anywhere from to 8k or 9k units per year until January ofdating corona typewriters one final run of frames are built. Typewriter Repair Printed Books. We can presume that November and December were slow months for Corona parts manufacturing as production orders were mostly filled and there were plenty of parts to assemble already.


All it says is L. It's been put away for a 1 human lifetime.

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November 27, at 8: Everything seems to function Etcetera link when available. The Super introduced an extra pair of keys and keyboard tab controls.

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Still a success, but popularity is starting to wane. The machine was basically the same as the old Four, save for the shell and improvements in the keylever mechanisms underneath.

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If a demo unit, demonstrating what? This small typewriter has a unique folding carriage which allowed it to be compact and easy for tra Why the occurrence of datecodes in production attributed to and likewise datecodes in ? Other pages on this site: Just goes to show that you can't assume anything about production datings corona typewriters for any particular period in time.

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Month CodeYear Code "B", 5 digit serial number which recycles every 2 months. Began E and ended 4K It looks to be a modified Silent-Super, of which we'll see another reincarnation below. Corona Junior Serial 1FJ Smith-Corona Silent Serial 5S Smith-Corona introduced the new "flattop" design in November, with an unprecedented promotional campaign.