Dating crotal bells crotal bell identification

Dating crotal bells

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William Dunn was born c. When the assets of the foundry were sold in andit is likely that Robert Wells of Aldbourne purchased the crotal bell patterns, as the products of the two foundries are virtually identical.

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The casting is then rolled to dating crotal bells an elongated cone with a seam, and the four base projections are folded in to retain the pellet, as on the preceding types. Uncertain See under Reading.

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The wearing of bells became fashionable in the 14th century and remained so well into the 15th century. She persevered with her only surviving son, John II, until her own death in In others they are crude, and appear to have been engraved on the bell itself. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This enables the pellet to be placed inside the bell, and the splayed half to be squeezed together to retain it.

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Foundry and Founder Details Foundry. Later bells are more readily recognisable as being of copper alloy, and are invariably dating crotal bells with a characteristic green-brown patination. Thomas Gardiner moved to Norwich inbut returned to Sudbury in Bells with suspension loops of this type are likely to date from the 16th to the mid 17th century.

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Bells that are decorated only on the lower hemisphere tend to be of later date, usually late 18th to mid 19th century. The comments in the table reinforce the point made above concerning the matchmaking firm for errors of attribution.

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The detachable sprue- piece, however, was withdrawn from the top of the mould, leaving a core of sand to create the aperture. On closer examination, however, neither of these descriptions would appear to be correct. Views Read Edit View history. The metal is white and consistent across the section.

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These bells were used to warn other horse-drawn vehicle users mostly on country roads that another vehicle was approaching.