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Dating dundee marmalade jars, покупки по категориям

This one has a few small chips on the foot rim and a few minor pits, but overall this piece is in stellar condition.

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If I recall by most all mass produced goods at least had the country of origin imprinted. Tassos Fig Marmalade Orange Marmalade Jar Est.

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Has a couple of hairline cracks and some stains. Please contact me at gordonlubold yahoo.

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If you discover anything, let me know- Thanks! In the company opened a factory at Tay Wharf, Silvertown in London.

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Minor chip in the rim, see photo. The first commercial brand of marmalade, along with the world's first marmalade plant, was founded in InDundee Scotland grocer James Keiller, took advantage of a Spanish ship taking refuge from a winter storm in the harbour carrying a large cargo of Seville oranges. If anyone out there knows where I can at least find a couple dozen of the newer, white glass Dundee Marmalade jars, I sure would appreciate it.

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I could see this design being uses as a centennial perhaps? Keiller's marmalade, is named after its creator. GLu August 8, at There is no inscription on the base.

James keiller & son Dundee Marmalade

I've just come from the Malin newsletter you mention Grand Medal of Merit, Vienna, The ship had started its journey in Seville but the delay caused by the storm had made the oranges less fresh than they ought to have been. Which would put it at it's earliest ofthough i t's questionable whether it's to "clean" design wise for that. WaterBetweenStones March 3, at 4: An original pottery Dundee Marmalade crock jar that we dug from an s era dating dundee marmalade jars pit. The glaze is wavy and there is a line on the inside that appears to be a glaze fl Posted by Wes at 2: Anonymous June 27, at 9: I would think that by or so the process would have been more exact and not quite as rough?

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The bargain gave Keiller's wife, Janet, the opportunity to manufacture a large quantity of marmalade. WaterBetweenStones February 18, at There is crazing throughout and the bottom is white, rough and unmarked. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Keiller's marmaladeis named after its creator Janet Keillerand is believed to have been the first commercial brand of marmaladeoriginating in DundeeScotland.