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Dating ex special forces

Actually, he was telling someone else, but I was right next to him.

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My cousin is Navy and believes he is infantry but worried his fb account is limited. For example, he was a Non-com, part of HQ. So the MOS would be infantry, special forces, etc. Basically, dating a Generation Y military man is no different than dating anyone else. That little bit was about me.

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It may not seem like a big deal but this man spent the bulk of his formative years, that should have been spent communicating with women, instead stuck in a tent for months with nothing but other extreme alpha males. He'd tell lots of stories, just not many about combat. I listened until I couldn't stand it any longer and politely corrected them that the 1st Cav was the first conventional military ground forces into Iraq, but that we were beat by a long shot by all the various snake eaters, who wre probably in Iraq long before the air war kicked off.

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If you met him on the internet and he says he's a "Green Beret" or a "Special Forces" soldier he's not. Those guys will always be held in very high regard even though they come over and throw up in your freshly planted flower bed.

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You can figure this part out. There may be something in the round neighborhood, but a round magazine would be rather large, especially in a rotary configuration. Their real heroism, respected by both Asher and the Bedouins to whom he dating ex special forces, lay in their powers of endurance and determination when utterly isolated and alone, hundreds of miles inside enemy territory.

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Not much help, I'm afraid. Nothing had prepared them for the vicious cold of the desert winter, and they began to suffer from hypothermia. Most readers of this book and of the tale told by the Arab who discovered Phillips's body will probably decide that he has done so. We literally fight about this all the time, and Im tired of being upset over dating ex special forces I cant change.

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A little investigation showed the guy was a complete liar. Or prefer dogs to cats.

Air Force Special Operations Command. They have very little tolerance for people doing things half assed. If my nightly prayers ever come true and there actually is a zombie apocalypse you have a significantly better chance of survival being with this guy.

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I don't know who you've been talking to, but it's my personal experience that a veteran, any veteran, will not talk about what they did, solely because they did so damn much. I am now just learning the pros and cons of internet communicating with a Military scammer. Originally Posted by tom kelly.

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Does his email address end in. This will tell you everything about his service record. Someone else who has been in the same unit might be able to tell a fake from a real one 20 years later.

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Find all posts by Bobotheoptimist. My now wife asked me what I did and I only replied, "I'm sort of a medic. Even if he does have a beard.