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Damn its a good game.

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I've read a few reviews on this site and they seem to be dating fantasy life to give out big scores for anticipated games and bias towards the less popular releases, Take that as you will. Diary posts that don't encourage community sharing are also considered low effort. Windy Thanks for thinking of me but if you find a fourth just go ahead and add them.

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The dating fantasy life is phenomenal btw. Check the wiki and FAQ before posting a question. Sinbad I love Fantasy Life and have played through most of the content and am currently Demi-God in 6 of the Lives and loving it, but would agree with the review score here.

MailOrderNinja you can't interact with furniture like sit on chairsyou can create furniture and dye it.

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It would have been nice to see more interplay between Lives in the game. The freedom, the almost mmo like scope with exploration, the art direction and genius class system where one can viable play and finish the game as, for example, a woodcutter.

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However, in Fantasy Life these jobs are presented as simple button-matching minigames that tend to get repetitive, even between classes. Players more connected internet com communications meeting single women europe.

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Fantasy life vs story of seasons self. Sun 1st Oct Characters are goofy and exuberant but their dialogue is often tongue-in-cheek.

Fantasy Life

This is an archived post. The framework is so strong and well-made that I just wish there was more soul in the gameplay.

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And by that I mean Fantasy Life is a massive adventure, wrought with classes to level up and massive beasts to conquer. So long Brownie Brown, and thanks for all the fun. I don't think you could go wrong with either, just keep in mind some of the things that people have already said about the games being very different, and pick which one sounds like more fun to you: Tap here to load comments.

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I also gave Disneys magical world a 9 most were throwing 8's at it. This game sounds perfect for me.

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Written with the same award-winning style that has made Berry one of the most popular columnists on ESPN. Bravely Default - Digital Download. Billed as a life simulator, Fantasy Life is much closer to a classic action RPG but with far more class variety and fluidity than is typical. This review provides a lot of info but I'm still not convinced.

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