Dating first year sobriety 4 Reasons Not to Date Your First Year of Sobriety

Dating first year sobriety

For me, one of the most important things I learned was that I had no clue what a healthy relationship actually was. With that in mind, devote your first year to just being sober.

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When we first get sober, we have dozens of suggestions thrown our way, and a lot of them seem silly. I saw how I had a lot of selfish, self-centered and self-seeking tendencies.

I learned about the issues I had with abandonment and my need to feel loved and wanted. The steps lead you down a path of recovery that changes you from the inside out.

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You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. For every defect of character that we have when we come into early sobriety, our potential partner with the similar clean time has just as many defects or more.

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They tell us to get a sponsor to walk us through the steps. Subscribe to our newsletter to get addiction dating first year sobriety, recovery inspiration and community tips delivered to your inbox.

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Related Categories Recovery Relationships, Love. So why not give that same dedication to your recovery?

2. Relationships Can Be Draining

Do you live in Canada? I also just visited a friend who just celebrated four years sober.

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If my addiction showed me anything it was that I suffered from a spiritual malady. I kept finding women who I could cling to, but they were completely wrong for me.

Take the time to do the inner work first and become grounded in your recovery before stepping into the love ring.

But hey, I totally get it. Those who partake in a twelve-step program have access to priceless insights which enable them to approach life, sobriety and relationships from a healthy point of view. Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates.

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I want to share with you all some of my experience as well as my point of view on the subject. This is discussed more in depth in my book HOPE.

3. You Should Try the 12-Step Process

And for a few, it works out that first year. I still had a lot to work on with myself if I were going to be of use to anyone else. Realizing this, how was I supposed to be a good partner to someone when I still have all of these defects of characters? They tell us not to dating first year sobriety any major decisions our first year of sobriety. In early sobriety, when our head begins to clear, we start to realize that we were playing the cover-up game with drugs and alcohol.

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The first year clean is often the hardest. I realized that I had issues with being alone.

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Years of addiction is taxing on your mind, body and spirit. I hope that before you jump into that serious relationship that you can take a step back and ask if it will put your sobriety at risk.