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Dating former professor

I want to date-explore again. This would be shitting where you eat. Just because YOU say it is wrong, it does not mean that it is wrong.

October 03, 2015

In any case, I think the OP was dating former professor trying to be clear about the details, not to hear your harp on hurting the other girl's feelings. The fact that the question can be asked shows that the dating former professor what is long distance dating not occur where it can be asked.

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Actual ethics often take a back-seat to any often biased and unfair cultural standards as defined by parents, other faculty, or outside pressure. Why would this jeopardize a professors job? June 25, at I guess it shouldn't be a problem, a famous example can be found here and here: And I personally think dating a former student shouldn't do much than briefly raise a few eyebrows.

Most of the long term, happy relationships that I'm privy to are between people who, on the surface of it, seem to have nothing in common.

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People do this all the time, so I'll be the last person to say "this is always and in all circumstances against the rules! I have no idea if any of this applies to you and I don't know you from Eve, but if you make the moves on a guy with a live-in and start having a committed non-fling relationship with him, you may ultimately find happiness, but you can't escape being "the other woman" and it's not unlikely that you may find yourself on the reverse side of the occasion at some future possible point where you are the long term live-in girlfriend and someone else is the hot younger student.

On the other hand, where do we stop? The protection gained is minimal to non-existent, and individual personal burden inflicted is significant. Another thing to consider: That being said, one of the major pieces of gossip amongst the undergrads at my BS institution was the relationship between two of the professors, which had begun while one was a student.

If anything, the professional standards of dating former professor teachers should be the most closely scrutinized, as actual children are the potential prey.

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I mean, it's not illegal to like someone who is in a relationship, and it's not unethical to tell them you like them. It is not about being wrong, it is about being challenging, advantageous and pleasurable. Tell your heart to take a backseat.

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This answer should arguably be downvoted, but not converted to a comment. Would you want someone to that to you?

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She's been my stepmom for almost a decade. The idea that anyone is permanently blacklisted from being a potential candidate, just because I have ever encountered that person in a class which I taught, is way too unfairly exclusionary. I may not know your former professor, but I get how you may find him attractive.

He spends a lot of time talking with me in his office and he often looks at me in ways that makes me think he does like me.

It has nothing to do with sex per se. Is it unethical on her side to say yes? For those of you who are university faculty or affiliated, what would you think of a respected colleague who got involved with a student for not just a fling? Nothing between the former prof and I has ever moved past friendship, nor has there been any discussion of "more.

Yet, she gets away with it.

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Two other profs ended up marrying grad students as well. When I met her I thought she was just another student.

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But it may be true that gray areas are prone to abuse from either those subject to rules, or those enforcing them. Sometimes just being a flirt which your man may well be does the trick. June 25, at 6: Better than harboring a go-nowhere crush for forever.

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