Dating ginny dolls Vintage Ginny Dolls

Dating ginny dolls

See below for the many Vogue dolls identified.

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She has awesome auburn hair and blue eyes. Vintage 50s com also produced great number striptease, masturbation.

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I'm including yellow socks and brown shoes, which may or my not be the original, but they look good! It is not tagged. Vogue Dollclothing is also marked Vogue Doll. Here is a nice red wig for a vintage Vogue Ginny, Muffie, Ginger or other 8 inch doll. The Vogue Doll, Inc. Shown is the Lesney doll in a reproduction outfit, similar to the one the earlier datings ginny dolls wore. In Baby Dear One doll came with platinum dating ginny dolls. About Madame Alexander Dolls pick out clothes ginny weasley wear school quidditch collecting unique craft.

Separate outfits were also available. Doll is unmarked or marked with an X in a circle and looks similar to the makeup dolls.


There is a small mark on the inside lid. Toddles doll 8" and Linda doll 20". One pair is blue cotton.

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Doll is in very good condition, outfit might be a bit faded. R and B 44 on back: Doll is rare and hard to find and recognize as she is unmarked and only sold one year in Graves and grew from modest beginnings, to be the largest doll only manufacturer in the world.

Hogwarts Scene Doll Divine More than just game, you can create infinite characters, and arrange them in magical scene all about celluloid including dates production, characteristics, general made plastic. Made by Tonka which now owned Vogue.

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Has chipmunk cheeks, sleep eyes, closed mouth, rooted blonde hair, jointed body with chubby legs. GINNYon body: Additional Vogue Dolls not shown.

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Ginnyall hard plastic, toddler type jointed body, wig, molded hair under the wigPE painted side glancing eyes, closed mouth, marked on head: Her hair is blond and could use a little TLC.

Included is a white dress with one snap in back, white undies, white vinyl slip on shoes, a veil and a little bouquet of flowers. Vogueand on back: Cute Vogue Ginny doll from 's, however, she has her problems as you can see from the photos. It's still adorable but needs to be swished in some soapy water to get the dust off.

She's wearing a lovely red outfit with matching pants.

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This is a vogue Ginny doll outfit from the 's. Jeff is looking good in his Senior Prom, white Tuxedo jacket, black pants and shoes.

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