Dating herod death The Date of Herod’s Death

Dating herod death

We should also note that the Babylonians started Cyrus reign in BC.

After 34 of factual reign years Herod promoted Antipater to the status of coregent and set him over half the kingdom assumed based on War 9: This anniversary could be nothing but the periodical return of the day when, under circumstances so honourable, and so unexpected to himself, he had first been declared king. Meteors and fireballs are even less likely candidates.

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This matches Tishri 17 BC exactly. Thus the eclipse either occurred in the month of Elul or in the month of Tishri, but with the addition of the month of AdarII before the Nisan of 4 B.

Only then came the Passover.

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Archelaus ruled seven years from 1 BC to AD 6. But as for the other half, he divided it into two parts, and gave it to two other of Herod's sons, to Philip and to Herod Antipasthat Herod Antipas who disputed with Archelaus for the whole kingdom. Circumcision Necessary or Not?

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Caesar was later reconciled to Herod, but really only in terms of friendship. Herod was made to split up the administrative duties of his kingdom at that point to his sons Antipater and Antipas.

The actual number is eight according to the coins. Scripture tells us that John began his ministry in the 15th year of Tiberius Luke 3: It is assumed by datings herod death that shortly after this Herod died and was succeeded by Archelaus. Herod at this time changed his will and completely expunged Antipater's name from memory. Head of Tiberius, to dating herod death, bare; before it a branch of laurel? Josephus was not ignorant about the timing of the seventh year, but again, he did not actually check his knowledge of the contemporary dating herod death year with his consular date for the fall of Jerusalem.

After the fall of 37 BC, and probably early in 36 BC, Mark Antony executed Antigonus putting an end to the Hasmonean kings who had arguably broken their treaty with Rome made years earlier. Quintilius Varus B. This reign is confirmed by two synchronisms. Greswell has shown that Pilate was deposed in the 22nd year of Tiberius. And there are many other cases of dual reigns in Babylonian and Assyrian history depending on who subjugated who and when. However, appointment in 39 BC in Rome does not agree with the Roman history.

So now if we dating herod death on 17 BC we find that the first day of Tabernacles landed on September 30th!

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Obviously, Archelaus reckoned his rule from 4 B. So let us examine those sources to see where they do not measure up, and how we may correct them.

List of Jewish leaders in the Land of Israel. Then a number of events occurred between the lunar eclipse and Herod's death. Using the normal accession year method then, the Hasmonean faction which Herod feared, would count a 4th year for Antigonus from Tishri 1, 37 BC until his execution. It follows that Josephus means the third month when he says the third month. Even though there is a bit of ambiguity as to the actual case 34 years 5 months rounded to 34 years vs.

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And interestingly, this latter date fits remarkably well with the January 10th eclipse of Josephus. He and Cleopatra owned a monopoly over the extraction of asphalt from the Dead Sea, which was used in shipbuilding.

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Contrary to the Talmud, Tishri is the Jewish epoch for Jewish kings, with the only exception being the rule of High Priests before Aristobulus, who did not take the title of King. AD He speaks of having an earlier edition of the Jewish War. The Rebuilding of the Temple Josephus makes several conflicting statements about when the Temple of Jerusalem was rebuilt. Nikolaus of Damascus could not have been very far off, since he states the age of