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All of Jesse James's relationships. During the filming of Money TrainLopez stated that Snipes tried persistently to date her and was openly flirty. Many famous women have dated Zac Efron, and this dating history of celebrities will give you more details about these lucky girls. Both parties have since admitted that this was literally just one date but we can't help but wonder what might have happened if sparks flew … you know, if the pair of now just good friends were able to transform their relationship into something more. This semi-odd coupling popped out of nowhere: So I guess the main point here is that I need to be keeping up with my celeb gossip a little more closely Amber Portwood Is Reportedly Pregnant.

InLopez was able to put in place a confidentiality agreement between both parties that she later claimed he was violating when he shopped around both a tell-all book and a honeymoon tape. If you're wondering "Who has Andy Roddick dated? Will Smith had reportedly tried to be a real-life Hitch and set up his pal with Vergara, but the romance fizzled quickly. After meeting at Drew Barrymore's birthday party, they spent the next four years shuttling between L.

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Superman can fly around the world or somethingbut that didn't help him keep Kaley Cuoco by his side. Famous men who have dated Carly Simon, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Proceed at your own risk.

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Inthe duo got married during a private ceremony in the Caribbean. It's dating history of celebrities to imagine Kim not bound to Kanye, but there was a time when she casually dated no, not you, Ray J, or you, Reggie Bush, or you, Kris Humphries. This wasn't an easy thing to walk away from, but we didn't have what it takes to make a marriage work.

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They made an insanely good-looking pairand Jamie has said the experience of dating a paparazzi target prepared him for fame. Together, they weathered through getting arrested and alleged infidelities on Combs's part. While their relationship seemed fairly new at first, Us Weekly reported that Ben has actually been seeing Lindsay on and off since while he was still married to Jennifer and she was married to dating history of celebrities SNL colleague Kevin Miller.

Famous women who have dated Andy Roddick, listed alphabetically with filipina asian dating cupid when available.

1. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

Who is Sam Heughan dating? Fast-forward to today, and Hilary is a happy mom to Luca and Lindsay and Aaron … well, cheaters never prosper, right?

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But more often than not, celebrity relationships are more flash-in-the-pan than built-to-last. She is aware, though, that he is a ladies' man too and is being cautious.

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Mistresses during his marriage to Sandra Bullock are included. Grey were dating, she was a movie star and he was an unknown and mega-hot CK model. But then they split, though Ryan has since called her one of the greatest girlfriends of all timealong with his also-ex Rachel McAdams. Many famous men have dated Amber Rose, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes.

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Famous women who have dated Terrence Howard, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Many famous men have dated Lady Gaga, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes. Get the Daily Inside Scoop Right in your inbox.

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Now, here's where it starts to get crazy, because if you compare Amber Rose's history to Kim K's, you'll see that not only is Kanye on both of their lists, but Nick Cannon and Reggie Bush are as well.

All of Salman Khan's past and present relationships.

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After starring in two forgettable movies Cellular and Londonthey dated on and off for five years. Famous women who have dated Benjamin Bratt, listed alphabetically with photos when available.