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On houses built within the last years, you will often find a sticker on the outside of the electrical panel indicating the possession date. Gm hei hook up clues pointed out by a dating house construction inspector or available to any careful building inspector can help indicate the age of a building.

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Look around your house- if others on the block are pretty much the same size and shape, but they suggest a variety of far away, romantic times and places, like the Spanish colonies, a French village, yours and theirs were probably built in the s.

New England soil was exceedingly rocky.

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To get started, your local historical society is likely to have at least some general information on your house, if not a more detailed profile. This article series provides a photo guide to determining the age of a building by examination of the architectural style of construction or the building materials and components that were used in the structure. Often on older buildings multiple types of piping will be present as repairs and changes have been made in the building plumbing system.

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By John Petraglia - practicing the art of real estate brokerage for over 25 years and publisher of Antique Homes Magazine. Originally Posted by Sage Rat America is the country of individuality.

History of the Use of Wood and other Wall Paneling in North America

A similar approach to architectural design was used in the vast expansion of suburbia after World War II. The reason is pretty obvious.

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However, it's worth bearing in mind that slate roofing, unlike the other construction features you mention, does not necessarily indicate the age of the building.

Please see our full-text articles on types and eras of use of various building flooring materials found in the articles listed under: As we dwell in these structures built so many years before us, we often come to wonder about their origin, their history and their date of construction.

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The dating house construction, size, shape, building materials, and use of chimneys on buildings offer good details aiding in estimating the age of a building. BB code is On.

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As you are probably aware, knob and tube electrical wiring makes insurance companies cringe. Tall wall studs run from the sill plate atop the foundation wall to the top plate below the building rafters. Pressure from expanding materials absorbed both the original free space around the floor perimeter and added enough force to buckle the flooring up at the center of the room.

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Resilient floor coverings include organic flooring materials such as asphalt tile, cork tile, linoleum, rubber flooring, vinyl tile, vinyl sheet flooring.