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AGEE PYREXWARE — circa 1930s, not before 1931

Lid fits smaller casserole. The trademark Pyrex is still owned by Corning. I usually find the best way to value something is to look at eBay completed listings for similar items that have sold. The casserole dishes had ornate lids. Drinking tea was a suburban ritual in the 50s. A 1 pint 0.

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To prevent automated Bots from spamming, please dating jaj pyrex the text you see in the image below in the appropriate input box. You will notice the pattern shows wear, there is a tiny dark spot near the bottom, and there is a chip on the rim near the handle.

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Home Explore the BBC. Click on the camera icon for a photo or a slideshow. The railroad needed the lamp bowls to be hard wearing and stand extremes of temperature. Small knick on corner of lid.

Pyrex glassware in the 50s and 60s

Single handle with double s Early on the company attempted to make it ornate, but the glassware really took off when it became a basic must-have household item. Both have the decoration on both sides and the decals are crisp and intact.

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For more on modern Pyrex designs see www. All 3 have the photo in great to excellent condition.

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Thanks for dropping me a line. And it can sometimes be confusing as to which category a particular pattern belongs. Harrods' offerings included Pyrex oblong utility dishes for roasting Yorkshire pudding, Pyrex casserole dishes, Pyrex round cake dishes, Pyrex tart dishes and Pyrex oval eared dishes for fish.

Pyrex in the 70s

Some American-made patterns were sold in Canada under different names. Heavy Milk Glass - Weighs His designs included Pyrex oblong roasting dishes, and Pyrex round bowls.

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If they did on in the past the best hope is to wait for one to come up on eBay. There was a brief dating jaj pyrex for this type of glassware in the 70s.

To keep it simple, however, the limited patterns are typically seen categorized with Standard patterns, although various sources contradict each other and sometimes themselves on the subject. Have asked my Mum for your book as my christmas present.

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