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Dating joshua would include

Even in the dark, he was so beautiful.

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You take yourself to the dating joshua would include to fix yourself up some dinner. Just two kids laughing and running, sneaking out without a care in the world. With being young and rebellious fresh on both your minds, you would meet up at the end of the street and walk together, going up the staircase and to the rooftop. You slightly shift your weight to turn around and face the mess of pink hair that was staring at you. I write in the first person.

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Minghao Mingyu Hoshi Most likely to be older: Vernon brings you down the hall and through the doors of the staircase, nostalgia hitting you from when the two of you had first met. You could his signature cologne. It was Saturday, and it was another day where you had planned to see your boyfriend but was bailed on. Dino looked at the clock and grabbed your hand, bringing you up from the ground.

He placed his hands around your waist and kissed you back.

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You slip his hoodie on before following him outside. Today, he was taking you to meet the members and you could tell that he was nervous.

Slowly, you pour a bowl of cereal and shuffle to the fridge to grab some milk. Putting your phone down, you pick yourself up on the ground, where you somehow ended up while on the phone.

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I swear I heard laughing. I got some hot chocolate on the way, and I brought a blanket. You lean your head on his shoulder. You should be resting.

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You smile at how beautiful he was to you, all gentle eyes and careful hands. You snuggle your head into his chest and he laughs at how silly you are, bulldozing your head into his chest.

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I will write absolutely not smut. You eat your cereal and place the finished bowl on the table in front of you.

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You take the hint and closer your own as well, before S. Just for a bit, 10 minutes or even less, you just wanted to see him.

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