Dating kodak cameras How to Determine a Manufacture Date For A Kodak Brownie Camera

Dating kodak cameras

Another good use for these dates is to use them when looking through this website at a camera information page.

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For instance, if a camera was made from and a piece has a patent date of then it's a good bet that the camera was made between and Kodak paper dating By comicguy in forum On Photography.

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Re: CAMEROSITY: Dating Kodak Lenses

That was inside the company only of course. It should also be noted that George Eastman was a strong proponent of the International Fixed Calendar, you can read a bit more about it here: Pocket Kodak, from a French album. A number of them are from the 's and 's, but their value is so low that it does not make any sense to try to sell them. Soon after the first one others followed.

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What is the influence of the technique used in a camera design on the kind of photographer that uses it? French and Brazillian divisions may have used other words.

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There are very few models I do not have, but it has taken me about 30 years so far and it will take me some more years to find the missing models. I guess that puts my 14" commercial ektar serial RR to So the core of my dating kodak cameras is even smaller than cameras.

History of KODAK Cameras

Below a selection of my early Kodak photos with horses on them. Brownie II Cartridge: And in the late s when Victor Hasselblad began making cameras, the German optical firms were mostly in ruins. By Scott -- in forum Gear. In I bought my first antique camera, a metal bodied No.

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And what was done to make cameras that appealed to a certain sort of users? So the letters in the serial number "RS" would indicate 57, and the item would have been made in Sometimes there are a quite a few changes that occured to a camera so that you can determine even better what the manufacture date is by looking at your camera and seeing what features it has and if these features are listed.

There are alot of exceptions but many of the popular cameras made in the 's and 60's include this "hidden" code.

Below a selection of my early Kodak photos with horses on them

Sometimes the best date you can get is within a few years, sometimes within a few months and sometimes the exact month! One man's Mede is another man's Persian. My collecting policy is to get one specimen of every Kodak model. Translating the letters into numbers this code gives us: Within a year I decided to focus on Kodak cameras from until Inside the cameras pictured below is stamped a 4 letter code.

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Dating Kodak Lenses Eastman Kodak policy until the early s! Find out how you can participate here.

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In addition to the cameras I dating kodak cameras original photographs that were made with the Kodaks and instruction booklets. One downside to all of this is that a piece could have been a repair to the camera, or replaced for some reason, making this way of determining the manufacture date not exact.

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Further, many cameras went through some changes in their lifetime without changing the name. This information will give, at the least, the manufacture start and stop dates. On this website you can see videos of many rare and antique Kodak cameras from the mid 's up to the 's.