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I dont find any of my classmates as dating material at all. Hi Stargazer, I was thinking more on the line of dating a nurse you do not directly work with.

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How does a male nurse deal with women? I'm with a male nurse have been for a long time. Having a dating male nurses time picking a name?

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There is nothing sexual about it. We both have very different jobs really, but we are the BEST dating male nurses Nurse is a job. In preparing for nursing school, I also worked as both a medical assistant and a nursing assistant, and I have gotten used to being one of the few men in my classes and activities. It is good money if you work in a hospital and more than likely you will work nights 7pm-7am unless they do 8 hr shifts.

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And when you get your license - I have a boo-boo WHO is this House character and why is he such a dick? Feb 21, '02 by canoehead, BSN.

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Just wanted to share: Feb 21, '02 by Zhakrin. I want to meet a mechanic, I have an older car.

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I just go the extra effort to keep him happy Is there innocent flirting? Girls would you date a male nurse? However, I don't ever see myself picking up dates from the workplace. In summary, I'd have to say it's had no effect on my status as a single male.

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Subscribe to Our Newsletter allnurses. Quote from snowfreeze i want to meet a mechanic, i have an older car. Were you abused by a family member? Quote from kavi at my place where i work it might seem a miracle.

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It just so happens that the one experience I had with a nurse that stood out beyond any other experience, was with a male nurse. That's a personal preference and this guy asked you about being a nurse - not what you have in mind for a perfect catch.

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