Dating musket balls uk Biting the Bullet: The Archaeology of ‘Musketballs’

Dating musket balls uk

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They are grey in colour and both have an uneven surface. This one was also 15mm in diameter. Awaiting validation Cast lead alloy musket ball. This findspot is known as 'Chichester district', grid reference and parish protected.


Tony Wilkinson December 16, at 9: Edinburgh Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd. The artefact consists of conjoined lead alloy musket balls. The typical musket calibres ranged from 0. Browse all new and used Antique Rifles - Flintlock for sale and buy with confidence from Guns This is a large musket that has all-iron fittings with an. This dating musket balls uk is NOT for sale!

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Adrian Morgan August 29, at 2: Lead shot recovered from the Battlefield of Aughrim, Co. Awaiting validation Three Post Medieval cast lead alloy musket balls, all generally spherical in shape. West Sussex Workflow stage: The ball is These bullets are objects that deserve our respect; their analysis can unlock details of our violent past that bring us closer to understanding the experience of our ancestors, and allows us to reveal events which were often the defining moment of their lives.

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Dublin Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd. The defenders ammunition was left in place after the garrison had either fled or surrendered. Cavalry and officers often employed the much smaller pistol as their firearm.

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All content and images may not be used without a prior written permission from the owner. One ball is The ball is cream and light grey in colour and has an uneven and pitted surface.

I actually found what I think maybe some lead shot at the Green Fort in Sligo town. One ball has a slight flattened collar on the opposite side from where it is joined to the bar. Recovering Musket Balls, page The next good signal was produced by another musket ball.

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They were fired during the Battle of Aughrim, Co. From what a gather there was a skirmish at the site during the Williamite war. Tuesday 7th October Last updated: Generally spherical with slight casting seam.

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