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Two young boys had their redneck dating my cousin jokes over to spend the night with them.

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Why did the redneck Father walk his kid to school? No registration free dating online do you know a redneck invented the toothbrush?

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See if she can run faster than her brothers. The proprietor again gave him the same story, and asked him to guess the correct number.

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Everybody is sitting on the same side of the church. The Dog Two rednecks were sitting on a porch.

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How do you know you a re a real redneck? Sorry; no sex this time.

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What would be a good dating site for rednecks? If he guessed correctly, he would get his free sex.

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This collection of funny redneck jokes includes riddles, long-form jokes, dirty jokes, and much more. Disgusted, the chocking woman begins to gag, and suddenly coughs up the chicken bone. You only get presents from one set of grandparents. Two Tennessee rednecks are out hunting, and as they are walking along they come upon a huge hole in the ground. Delighted with their new word they merrily played through the night and went to bed late. How did the redneck find the sheep in the tall grass?


We do this all the time!! After a few drinks they start talking about their wives. The number was 7. As he settled in, he glanced up and saw the dating my cousin jokes beautiful woman boarding the plane.

The second boy goes into the kitchen and Dad again asks what is wanted for breakfast.

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How do you know a redneck found a girlfriend? The redneck fights back like a mad man, but after five minutes they finally pin him down and grab the wallet.

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A redneck sees another carrying a bag, he stops him and says. Bobby Lee was approached with a proposition. Hold my beer and watch this! What do you have when you get 32 rednecks in a line? A full set of teeth.

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Redneck Cousin comes into the kitchen and Dad once again asks what is desired for breakfast. My WIFE won twice last week. As they stand there listening and looking over the edge, they hear a rustling in the brush behind them.

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Dad smacks the little boy and admonishes him for swearing and sends him back into his room. Upon examination, the veterinarian determined the gorilla was in heat, and her aggressive behavior could only be relieved with sexual interaction with a male counterpart.

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