Dating my husband again Discover How to Date Your Spouse Again

Dating my husband again, 10 ways to date your husband ... again

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I love date nights at home. Currently, Kelsie September 25, at 2: My guy spends time in the neighbor's garage, I go over sometimes just to hang while he is there.

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I love all of your creative ideas- they sound like things we will definitely try over the years. Although Mike and I were going on the occasional date, we relied on the fact that our relationship had always been very relaxed.

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We first met through mutual friends at the end of high school. Even our little mini dates mean so much. I work first shift and he works more of a second shift and he works weekends. OMG that last picture is hilarious!!!

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Most of all, we are on the same page. Hope you have a date in the near future!

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Whether it's an 80s movie marathon complete with pigs-in-blankets and your best feathered hairan dating my husband again foodie afternoon on which you taste-test your way through your favorite country's foods, or activities that start with the letter "B," you two will have a blast creating and executing a fun theme.

We have so much fun together, and we definitely don't worry about letting our inner geek shine! I love when people make their marriage a top priority.

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I needed to hear it. While I was pregnant … My husband watched his father die slowly from cancer. This is such a lovely post.

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Let me know if I can help in anyway. That is so amazing, Margarita! May God bless the changes ahead for you: Maybe it's that you don't discuss the kids on date nights or after they've gone to bed during the week. During the ceremony, she and her husband gazed at each other adoringly and joy seemed to exude from every pore in their bodies.

I agree with you- commitment is the key and I know that our marriage will only get stronger as we fall more and more in love over the years. Notify me of new posts by email. You do not need another date night that involves discussing the kids from the minute you walk out the door until the minute you pay the sitter.

I was a Mental Health Counselor who worked with datings my husband again and mothers in both individual and group counseling environments before I became a Stay at Home Mom to two boys.

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On top of that, the following steps — first discussed and then put into practice — can help salvage a troubled marriage. In spring, plant a garden, and in the summer, relax and unwind or make out under the stars at a drive-in theater.

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My husband and I have been married for almost five years and it is crazy the amount of changes we've had in our lives already. Way to go, sister!

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Knowing both of you and being the same age, my wife and i have realized that we are feeling the same way. Fab, fab, fab post and i completely agree - I absolutely love spending time with my husband but so rarely make time for just the 2 of us - having read your post I'm going to make some changes there so thank you for the advice and nudge in the right direction twinklytuesday x.

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Currently, Kelsie August 10, at 5: Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Currently, Kelsie September 28, at Good advice for those of us who are much older and have been married for a long time. Adventure road trip Pack a bag, a map, a cooler filled with favorite snacks, a camera and your sense of adventure, and hit the open road to who knows where!