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Its so low effort that you get TONS of flakey girls. I'm a native, and I've visited San Fran.

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Another thing I have noticed which differs between the two coasts is the emphasis on health. Your post is awesome OP, Barcelona is pretty much a mix of NYC and LA, as in you do a lot of street-level pickup but not a lot online, and logistics are pretty great, that is if you can polish up your Spanish but English will do well too, especially since it'll give you the "foreigner" aura which can prove more beneficial, bonus even if you try out your Spanish to appear cute.

I haven't seen the concept before and deserves to be in your lessons learned.

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Took 60 pounds off right before I started my big NYC dating experiment years ago. Most girls I really connect with all seem to be cool and down to enjoy whatever happens, but internally they all seem so disillusioned that their whole "moving to New York to live the life of my dreams" hasn't played out that way.

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Keep the profile text short and to the point. Although, at my age 25 and in my experience. Everything else here is like 5-star restaurant, expensive.

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But don't go into finance just for the money, you need to have a true interest in the business. Here in LA though: Official Rules Endorsed Contributors: Never used cold street approaching in NYC, everyone's just in too much of a rush for me.

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I mean, he said it, so it must be true, right? But make no mistake about it, one truth remains constant: Thank you for this excellent post!

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One of my best friends is a hot Asian female back in NYC, I keep telling her move to SF, she'll totally clean up, have her pick of men, be dating the head of Google or whatever in no time. As a person currently living in downtown manhattan I can honestly say this comment is misguided.

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It doesn't matter what you say, and she'll never call you out on it once you get through the dating new york vs los angeles, point is you just have to establish FOR HER that she's not coming back to your place to sleep with you, she's coming back for some other, alternate reason, and when you DO hop into bed, well, it just happened, right? You own the entire company?

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Check it out, you won't be disappointed. Silicon Valley has become as expensive as Manhattan so many startups are shifting to the east coast. Goals - A beginners guide on how to attain them.

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Not a carb in sight. I also lived in NYC apparently when you did, and I also did quite well with online dating mit 22 as a relatively broke guy, but I was in the "cool" arts scene.

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My dad on the other hand would beg to differ. Blind idealism masks delusions of grandeur.

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I was born and raised in LA and you got it to a T. Why would he lie?

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She couldn't help it, it was Fate Why should she be with some above average guy when she knows there are movie stars that could attempt to pick her up at any moment?