Dating nigerian guy Dating nigerian guy

Dating nigerian guy

Nigerian women always beg for favours!

Why is dating in atlanta so hard

He calls you native endearing names like "Nne" or "Omo" And guess what these ones are times more attractive than those fat pigs. The way Naija men look when they are all decked out in native? You see them on social media, sending PMs,sliding into DMs, inboxing on Facebook to different girls hoping to get lucky with one of them.

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Just cook the stew and he'll figure the rest? Cos no fit post 'Loving Da wrong person' again.

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He gets your jokes. He thinks the small gap between your front teeth are actually sexy!!!! As a result of this, when their girlfriends make demands on them, they come on Nairaland to pour their anger and frustration over their inability to meet these demands.

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You just meet a guy and you've barely talked for two days and he's already dating nigerian guy for nudes, like, Wth?? He knows where he is from.

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Number 3 has explained this. Who wants a woman who's always at the receiving end of favours?

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How many girls on this thread bought the phones they're using with their OWN money? Sunday, 05 November at Please please and please deodorant or body spray is not that expensive.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date A Nigerian Guy Of Today - Romance - Nairaland

Have you forgotten the only white women black men can "afford" are usually fat or obese? The way he flows from Ebonics to Pidgin English to Akata with ease. The way he eats meat with his bare hands?