Dating presto jars The Collector's Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars

Dating presto jars

Right now, I am cleaning up some jars that were given to me yesterday.

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I think the "life span" is by uses more than years, and I've heard I found a Ball jar. In most cases, Ball connotes a canning jar while "Mason" may be used on a canning jar or a commercial jar of one sort or another.

I even have a regular mouth half gallon canning jar I use for my half sour pickles.

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Well, I'll try this again. I even had a piece wrapped around the oil burner furnace head, until all that was replaced alst year.

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I have used mayonnaise jars all my life and are still using ones I have canned in for years. If a jar is heavy and sturdy and the standard lids and rings fit, I wouldn't hesitate to use it for dating presto jars water bath canning.

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I really a long while back a Liberty brand jar, does that 'bell' have a crack in the logo? Thank you for reporting this comment.

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An Answer To Question find great ebay presto lid. Is it an old jar or a fancy new one?

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Carol Here is a link that dating presto jars be useful: They are "normal" canning jars, just old and not produced any more. Here is a link that might be useful: Just part of the fun of canning.

Have you used the site to connect with professionals, browse photos and more to make your project run smoother?

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I checked the few jars I've collected over the years and let's just say I'm not heading off to the Antique Roadshow anytime soon! I asked the owner WHY they were so much and he explained that the jars all come with a "run" number printed on the bottom.

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So when we make something we know if it is to be marked safe to eat or not.