Dating puma knives Company History

Dating puma knives

I started collecting Puma Knives about 15 years ago. Did the descent begin then? No, so that way I can get more!!! I used to have them but bought a new computer and lost the saved document.

Finding the Code

Knives made prior to will show in which dating puma knives of the year the knife was manufactured. I have a white hunter with rosewood handles and it is on the blade but no stamped number on the finger guard, any idea the date of this knife?

Charcoal carbon dating

I don't have a retail price for but I do have a dating puma knives price sheet. I don't believe that my father had the box and paperwork. Thanks for any help.

I am unsure of its age but it was stored away with a WWII bayonet and his naval uniform. In the history I noticed the statement, "Puma Knives were first imported into the U. Any more value being a pre-date coded knife.

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Like the information available- good luck with your book- that is a very slow process at the best of times, but when you are doing research- just remember you are creating, and the results are workt it.

Your collection is outstanding and I like a number of the knives you have for sale. Puma Knives were first imported into the U. Do you have any idea when it was manufactured. CNC controllers and laser technology. I appreciate your site a lot. I was given a Puma Skinner. It is great to see your helpful detail about the subject, here also I was visit Couteau-de-chasse for the shopping of knifes. I like the new site but I miss all the knives from your old site.

Dating a Knife With a Two-Digit Code

In they switched from the cardboard bottom to the yellow plastic bottom still using the same green plastic top. I am going hunting for the first time soon, and I was wondering if it would make a good knife for field dressing or skinning a deer? Was it in the 's? The quarter of the year in which the knife was produced was the first number.

I'm sure I did good. How old is this knife?

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I met one of these guys who had checked some throwing knives out of stock and was sticking them within a couple of inches of one another in a cross section of a log in the back yard.