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January 18, at 3: I know this one congress is stouter than any Case i have ever handled, but I am mainly limited to 70's and later in my experience with Case. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

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Since nitric acid is used in making celluloid it can still have some residual nastiness. Case Knife Image Gallery. This site uses cookies. Schrade Knife Identification www.

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At that time C. I also have an old Queen with one scale missing nice bone too that I got for a dollar with what I think is a real old stamp, a fancy Q that almost looks like the Olympic rings with all caps QUEEN printed beneath it.

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Imperial Tang Stamp Chart www. Jul 11 Do you love sodbusters? I have looks like cut bone 2 blade pocket knife. Cost and time involved depends on the piece and type of work. Roberson commented on Billy Oneale's dating queen knives.

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What steel was used in 78? Click to view more. There are several imitators of the Queen brand. This is the best reference table which I have access: When you step through that front door, youll swear that time machines really do exist, in Titusville, Pennsylvania. November 9, at I am trying to identify a pocket knife with a clip and razor blade with a deer antler shield on it.

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Apr 1, 8. I think they matched and probably beat in many cases the quality of Case, but then again I am not that experienced.

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I suspect cool and dry and keep out of sunlight is all I can do. Whittling And Wood Carving. Harry Meyer is now a member of iKnife Collector 1 dating queen knives ago. April 10, at This site uses cookies. I got mine today.

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Jun 22 This group is not specific to a manufacturer, or a model, but to the color blue There are no additional words to the etching. If I can date it, then perhaps I can find out if they were producing real winterbottom knives at that time.

I was told it was a guyn Oklahoma that passed away a few years back. I was able to find eskilstuna but nothing else.

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Many makers and collectors follow that page. We found it in a tree that had grown up around knife.