Dating rap What Are The Rules To Dating Rap Dudes vs. Street Dudes?

Dating rap

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I'm Emma, nineteen and I don't dating rap hats Can't take penicillin or I come out in a rash Try to play guitar, but I'm just really crap Wish I could be Eminem, but I'm not that black Notice I was different when my friends went to prom And I stayed at home all night training up my Pokemon I was the kid at dating rap that no one would talk to But looking at me now you wouldn't think that would you?

I like being with friends and I like being alone Fucking hundreds in debt 'cause I keep dropping my phone I got a dating rap and I nearly passed out Wasn't my dating rap I didn't know the element dating involved needles Keep changing my hair 'cause I don't know who I am And drugs are for pussies 'cause I can't afford them Spend all my time getting mad at my friends 'Cause they're having sex and I'm not So if you're interested then yo dawg, hit me up And is you're not then just hit the skip button Yes, spend all my free time making videos at home That no one will watch 'cause I have no subscribers I'm five foot three and don't have much of a life 'Cause the supermarket shelves are always stacked too high Too cool for Call Of Duty, I play "Simpsons:

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