Dating restaurant in karachi Romantic Date Nights!

Dating restaurant in karachi

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Food in Flo, seems to be authentic, it has romantic atmosphere right from its inception and somehow maintained its standard as well. I love outdoors and seaside Male, Single, The food is lovelyyyyyy and the pricing isn't ridiculously expensive either Female, Married, Beautiful ambiance; the sophistication of serving and authenticity of flavors, and the recessed mood lighting allow one to have a dating restaurant in karachi time with their better half.

N for every little occasion we find an excuse to go and celebrate it! It's usually mood that defines what ambiance should be looked for.

Menu items, old world charm, atmosphere, lay-out and dating restaurant in karachi of service Male, Single, What led you to decide that it is the most romantic? This also results in privacy for the dinners without the need to bump elbows, or be overheard by other diners or overhear their conversations for that matter.

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The seating outdoors is perfect. Esp the outdoor the ambiance the lighting esp the candles soft background music and since kids are not allowed outside leads to no noise: Tags dates Dinner husband jheel park karachi koel kolachi lahore pakistan port grand romantic rosati wife.

The servers are careful to not intrude, the decor is lovely, love the flowers, their attention to detail if you want to be cheesy, lol. Customer service, quality of food etc etc.

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The simpleyet elegant Mediterranean ambience blends in perfectly with what is served to you on the table. Plus the fact that they become too noisy.

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Quiet Environment, soft ambience, easy to talk to partner, great food, great service. The finesse of service at Okra from entrance to exit is pure excellence. The ambience that is the quiet environment, slow music is very romantic too. Ambiance is Good, peaceful place, less disturbance so one get space to talk as per requirement.

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Ambiance, lightening, food Male, Married, What good is a dinner if the food isn't up to the mark? I guess the look and feel of the place is what makes it the most romantic. The best part has to be the dessert and the perfect to a great dining experience. Brownie points for any man looking to impress a woman Female, Single, Overall a definite must try!

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And there is no such as far as I know which I can call as romantic. Contact Us Gupshup Archive Top.

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The decor is very inviting. I like the fact that it's located near the sea.

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Any restaurant can appear romantic if you are in a romantic mood, provided the lighting is not very intense. I just liked the outside area. Gives out a very warm feeling.

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A fireplace or something that gives the impression of a fireplace is always nice. I feel it's all about the ambiance especially their outdoor setting at night. The landscaping outside is beautifully done. And the quality of service, fast and proper Female, Single, I don't think there are many restaurants in Karachi which cater to couples only.