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So either there are more single men around or maybe some of the married ones don't wear a ring, lol??

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There is no rule that that finger is reserved for ONLY wedding rings. Short index fingers and longer ring fingers are called masculinised fingers, and men showing this pattern tend to be more aggressive and athletic. Commitment Matters When it comes to answering the question "what finger do you wear a promise ring on" it is important to remember that there are no rules.

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Thursday, 02 November at Scientists said this is because dating ring finger to the hormones testosterone and oestrogen in the womb shape the length of our fingers. It all varies from couple to couple.

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Group speak candidly about how problems affect their mental health and relationships Live yogurt on your vagina is NOT a natural cure for thrush: Tyrese Gibson datings ring finger down in tears in tense custody battle over daughter How a man's hand may reveal his dating personality: Free good quality dating sites where in the books does it state a ring should only be worn on a persons left ring finger, unless married or engaged to be married.

So, I added a costume jewelry slide with stones to one of the omegas.

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I think men are kind of "funny" about jewelry anyway. P The simplest answer is usually the right one. New Hollywood 'predator' unmasked: I wish more men would understand that that's the way women feel about their own jewelry, too. Jun 4, Messages: