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Men just aren't getting the 'joke'! Humans of New York, known for its profiles of New Yorkers, shared the story of a guy who wants his significant other to lose weight. Similarly, they found that heterosexual women and gay men were attracted to men whose eyes were the same colour as their father. Sophie Stevenson travelled all the way to Amsterdam in the name of holiday romance.

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From breadcrumbing to zombieing, become a dating master with these terms. How to deal with all the disappearing acts and reemerging prospects in today's dating pool.

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Freud would have been delighted with the findings, conducted by scientists at Glasgow University, which concluded that heterosexual men and gay women looked for women with the same eye colour as their mothers. What to read next. Click to view reactions.

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Turn that frown upside down. What a dating rules yahoo icon.

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Yahoo Search can help you compare hundreds of companies to help you create your own website. Waze, the user-centered navigation app, is finding new ways to use its active user base to not just avoid traffic, but end it for good. Financial and other eligibility criteria apply.

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Jesse Mateman denies the 'pull a pig' prank ever happened. And people are upset. By using Yahoo you agree that Yahoo and partners may use Cookies for personalisation and other purposes.

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