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I've never been single in DC, but I can say from being here that the dating scene seems to be good for guys.

1. Dating in DC is not hard, but finding someone you can hang onto is

Older you get, women outnumber the men. It's super frustrating, but it's just part of this area's mindset.

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Get insight into what it all means with your daily horoscope. Listening to music is like research for me. Unlike many of his peers, he views online dating as an adventure, not as a potential exercise in rejection or forever. If you're in your 20s or early 30s the numbers are a lot more even.

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You're Single, We Get It. Really depends on what type of person you're looking for. Wall Street Insanity Succeed Daily.

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The Internet, Skype, and inexpensive air travel also make it much easier to maintain long distance relationships than ever before. I feel like the first time meeting anyone from online is usually a bit awkward.

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The company first launched in Washington, DC and is a less-creepy alternative to other popular dating apps. Fairfax Single parents We're singles. What is your opinion?

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In a lot of other places, driving a minimum of minutes to get anywhere is pretty normal. Not all of you are bad.

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Crew, and Banana Republic. I'm not even mad or upset, because this is just the kind of behavior I've come to expect.

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Its broad and I'm not saying this to sound pretentious.