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Basically, a runner or someone who can enjoy walking and talking at the same time. An evening dress that emphasizes the smallest portion around the waistline and movement out a gradual floor size A form.

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August 14, at 7: See if it was up to me there would be 2 averages. There's a few who are actually a few extra pounds, but now the majority in this category are morbidly obese to the extent that you wonder how they walk. Have the meanings been diluted? That was so sweet.

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Sure, I play fastpitch softball in the summer, workout at the gym and play badminton the good workout kind, not that wimpy shit for the no-skilled but regardless, I do not have an athetlic body. A few extra pounds: March 21, at 6: I did that once, and everyone thought I was so mean.

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These things are obvious. Is someone going to be disappointed when they meet me?? I say try it You have a really noticeable hour glass figure, definitely curvy not fat. When I questioned whether that was average she told me a size 16 average nowadays.

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July 26, at 8: June 14, at 8: Choose your username Your username is how dating site average body type community members will see you. Could probably bench press me too.

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Queenwith evident curves, with a sparky personality that might keep the athletically toned dudes out on the track all day; might be a good match. While I'm merely giving out free advice over Reddit, without any links to any self-promoting bullshit.

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List your body type whatever you want, men won't say anything due to fear of fat shaming and being villainized. I wonder if this applies to the way men treat I'm 5'4" and have about 40 more lbs to lose I have some pics in my profile here, have opened up my profile temporarily.

I feel if you are online to meet a partner there is no place for dishonesty. If you list certain specifics, you look bad. The biggest question when picking your body type on Seeking Arrangement is… would the national average also be considered average in the Sugar Bowl?

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