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Most we spoke with said that having epilepsy hadn't had a negative impact on their experiences of dating or going out with people. I suppose again because I wasn't having them every day it's not, you can't, you kind of really, you kind of forget that I've got it in a way, it isn't an everyday occurrence.

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Maybe I'm outdated in my feelings and thinking, but that is NOT the way to make good impressioons on people. What I meant was, maybe if I meet people with similar problems seizures or not they would be more understanding and give it time to see where things go -instead of this "meet once" thing.

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There is also the danger of low self esteem being a factor in causing you to seek this kind of relationship, the subconscious fear that somehow a "normal" person will not percieve you as being good enough for them, and so you will have better luck with one of your "own kind".

He said yeah, he says, 'You're quite controlled in that way aren't you'? I think that comes across so it's fine.

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Ben has had a seizure twice when having sex. Becky can totally rely on her partner. They've been understanding, they've been like yeah now that's fine. Because he was my carer, and he'd done that for sort of six, seven years, I'd have this done and he thought that I no longer needed him.

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I meant that, after years of being on several dating sites, it's literally always the same When do you bring it up? But I've found with women, relationships it's more, they're a bit more sensitive about it you can't really have the dating site for epilepsy laugh as you would with your mates. And yes, it has made me kind of afraid, but what can you do? But then it would be for the wrong datings site for epilepsy at the wrong time. Leave this field blank.

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In the first instance, it would be good to remember that while it may be tempting for people with similar disabilites to be drawn to each other due to the mutual understanding that is naturally hoped for in contrast to the incomprehension that might be expected from most peoplethe posession of a particular healh condition is not actually a terribly sound basis for a relationship.

Sex It's possible to have a seizure during sex but this is not any more likely to happen than at other times. Send to a friend Simply fill out this form and we'll send them an email. Living with and beyond Cancer: He trained in what to do just for that.