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Or someone whom you can share the rest of your life with? Does not matter he might not come across as the most witty and fun person, but we sure have lots of fun hanging out with each other. I was looking out for my short-term biological needs when I put down those criteria. Market research reports for Communications industry.

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However, the truth of the matter is, infatuation lasts, on average, 3 to 12 months. CompuDate is an exciting opportunity for a local company to leverage professional computer matchmaking software with seasoned industry management into a sustainable company. Because along the way, you might be swayed by your biological and short-term needs. Those who know my hubby Jamie would know that he is anything but those criteria. What is your list of traits and characteristics that you want in your long-term partner?

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It's fast and easy, with LivePlan. If CompuDate does not pick the right people, the business will not progress. Subscribe to my FB!

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Can I imagine him or her as my best friend? What is your Dating Mission Statement? This is checked largely automatically and in some cases manually No worries though - your messages will never be held up because of this.

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All of a sudden, the things you used to think was really endearing becomes really annoying. Maintaining a healthy community through automated restrictions and some manual supervision. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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What are the traits you are looking for in your long-term partner? Obviously, people will still have varying degrees of superficiality but we believe that at the very least first impressions should not be swayed by physical attraction. Executive Summary CompuDate is a new company that offers Denver area singles computer-based matchmaking services. More and more profiles started to contain more datings site mission statement than meaningful thoughts, putting more emphasis on looks than what a person was about.

Thus we strive to create supreme value and provide immaculate service to address the needs of the people we serve. Personals division where she got direct experience for the matchmaking industry which gave Suzie the insight and confidence in developing her own company to compete within this industry.