Dating site picture troll How to successfully troll dating websites

Dating site picture troll

I thought that as well TheDailyBumbler quakerstoy 20 Jun '11, I often find things on PH only slightly funny - I was crying with laughter this dating site picture troll.

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Must be pretty shit going through life actually believing your emotions are literally in the hands of other people's actions. I had a giggle at a couple of pictures and then got accused of being many things not directly but with blanket statements so I just did the same in a manner I don't actually believe but you know I guarantee this is the only place on the entire internet where this discussion has arisen.

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Yesiamaduck TheDailyBumbler 20 Jun '11, Picking on the uggers is pretty cruel and not really where the humour in it lies. Yesiamaduck 13Monsters 20 Jun '11, You people will wet the bed about literally anything.

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Parsefone Yesiamaduck 20 Jun '11, That poor dog being squeezed to death- genuis. I don't walk past "ugly" people in the street and laugh at them, either externally or internally.

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Everyone in the office is looking at me now. Yeah this is a little bit funny but mostly not funny Just thought i'd through my hat in the ring here.

It would have been funnier if he had just drawn pictures of women or men on the site irrespective of their level of beauty yeah that would've made for a cracking joke.

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This thread has been pretty entertaining 7. LOL Yesiamaduck wishpig 19 Jun '11, Have a lovely, wonderful day.

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The only thing that's missing is the responses to the pics! Her real pic looks a lot like the Joker, but the fact that the sketch looks less like anorexia online dating Joker was putting me off. Is this one of 'those' threads?

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TheWza Bamnan 20 Jun '11, Yesiamaduck and andyvine this'd this.