Dating someone 4 years younger 5 Reasons Women Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Dating Younger Men

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I don't see how a 20 year old could be interested in a 16 dating someone 4 years younger old still dealing with high school drama.

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I'm not crazy and thinking I want to marry him already or get babies popped out. Just annoyed by people and their comments about it. It wasn't weird then, but it would have been is I was in high school.

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BTW you guys that age thing doesn't work because it suggests I would be good dating a 17 year old and while that is legal, just no That's the seven year rule. I read "is dating a 4 year old girl weird?

Get your head out of your ass and focus on being so amazing that he can't imagine not being with you, and then keep doing that.

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True I always like my guys 10 or more years younger ;-p. That's not the case, and I don't even know if things will work out with him since it is so early. As long as my husband wouldn't mind, sure! It does feel awkward to think he was in 6th grade while I was in 8th.

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I'm 5 years younger than my wife. We're basically like your sex ed class but with way more information, honesty, help, and first hand advice. Well I'm only speaking for myself here but if I was to date a girl 4 years younger than me than she would have to be at least 20 or 21 otherwise it's just too weird for me. Original post by AB25 A question for the guys You see, i'm 18 and female, my boyfriend is Medical advice is not allowed on reddit.

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I noticed a younger girl at a restaurant I worked at, she was cute, but I wasn't sure how old she was, but when heard the things she said and just the way she carried herself it was very girlish, not womanish. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Herpes dating victoria bc, if he is mature enough to date someone older and possibly in a 'different stage of life', then he should be mature enough to acknowledge your concerns and have a discussion about them.

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Original post by RMIM what is that? We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. I would say 19 would be my limit, when I was 20 there would be no way that I dating someone 4 years younger date a 16 year old, to me that would just be wrong.

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This is something that, for whatever reason, almost always illicits weird reactions from people. Find your perfect uni place go. Europe, in the Land of the mean posts, read 1, times Reputation: Would you ever date someone younger? What should we call you? It's a little ironic that younger girls around their late teens wanna date older guys because they're more mature than guys their age, but at the same time I found girls in their late teens very immature and drama-based.

I felt like I was racking up new life milestones every day, and couldn't imagine relating to anyone younger than me — and so I became fixated on dating older guys, because I thought it was the only way I could find someone who would be mature enough to make me happy.

And my cousin, who I really look up to, her boyfriend is almost a year younger than her.

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I think that it would also really have to depend on their maturity level. Log in or sign up in seconds. This is where you can come to win free stuff for teen girls.

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