Dating someone with college debt Should You Marry Someone With Six Figures of Student Loan Debt?

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Also, as a follow-up thought: But then I received a small inheritance from my grandmother, and we were able to buy a fixer-upper instead. And what a great role model you are for your daughter, too.

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What you should be looking for in a potential partner is his or her values about money. I feel guilty for not being more selfless.

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He puts about the same amount of the monthly loan payment into his retirement fund. I was actually offered this choice, in no uncertain terms, and I chose husband with a mountain of debt over not being with him.

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Click here to view this kinja-labs. They also all have the possibility of student loan forgiveness, regular raises, higher income possibilities, and the chance of jobs that come with retirement accounts.

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So there was a lot of privilege at play that had nothing to do with personal failings. We pay rent, we pay utilities, we pay loans.

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I hope it bursts after my loans are paid off and before my kids take any on. To be quite frank, taking out large amounts of debt to do anything is a bad idea. Sometimes I wonder if it's too much though.

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Thankfully for me, my partner is super understanding about my student debt and we intend to pay it off together. The interest rate on credit card debt is exorbitant compared to student loans.

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If you're thinking about marrying someone with a dating someone with college debt amount of student loan debt, it's important that you sit down and talk about their debt before you do so. But take on as little debt as you possibly can.

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It is a truism that failing to plan is planning to fail. Here in Australia we are currently having a debate about negative gearing, which predominantly advantages baby boomers owning rental properties. Getting married next week.

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