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No, it didn't include SI or a stay in the psych unit, but as I've stabilized over the past six months or so, I've come to realize just how helpless they must have dating someone with schizophrenia symptoms while dealing with my severe mood episodes. If she specifically asks for your help then do your best to help her, but you aren't a miracle worker and you aren't the one who's been dealing with it your whole life. If you don't think you can deal with that, it's probably best not to get involved.

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However I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky that I have met him and he has taught me so much about life that my own is enriched by him being part of it. I am needy and in need of love, but I wonder what price I am willing to pay.

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But then you will start to resent him and the situation. Jan 26, '13 by leslie: But we work these things out.

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I too have trouble telling sometimes if a dream is real or not; I asked my psychiatrist if this can be associated with psychiatric symptoms and he told me it possibly can be. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight: It is a big step though but I miss him so much and. So this was hopefully a much more prominent concern in my case.

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He responded in as supportive a way as could be imagined. I just need some clarity.

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Failing to do so was the mistake I made, and I can't say it made me happy. Myself, I still hallucinated somewhat when taking proper medicine, but it wasn't anywhere near as intense of frequent as before. I'd agree that you need to do alot of thinking, researching, and talking-to-the-guy about this.


Schizophrenia is usually forever. They will be able to assist you with resources for dealing with schizophrenia within a relationship. He has parkinsons now, he is urine incontinent.