Dating someone with the same last name but not related Would you date someone with the same last name as you

Dating someone with the same last name but not related, sorry, you’re not allowed to access this page.

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I am also of the opinion that since we not blood related it should not be a problem but to some people it sounds like an excuse. Is it possible for siblings to be born same year?

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Or are you perhaps not really talking about surnames? I know not another soul with my last name. And there's absolutely no way a last name of Jones tells me anything, for example.

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We make it easier! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I looked around to match a face to the name. For me the "ick" factor ends at second cousin or greater.

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Theres soooo many people with that last name. I suppose we're all related somehow, but I admit I'd have some consternation about it. I'd date him and quit worrying about what other people think, since chances are that you're not going to marry him anyway.

Well, for a start it gives everyone the opportunity to joke about how you're soooo going to marry him when you go on the first date, as I found out last week ; I think it would bother me if a guy shared my maiden name, even if I knew logically he was no relation of mine and didn't show up on the family tree, it would still be likely that we shared a great-great-great-etc-grandad at some point in the past.

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I've never met or heard of anyone except through googleing with my surname that isn't very closely related to me. If its an incredibly rare surname, this could be significant ; if it's a common surname, maybe not. They did have to request a papal dispensation, but this is because they married before the Catholic Church.

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I have a somewhat uncommon last name, so the odds are we'd be related to some distant degree, but that in and of itself wouldn't be a dealbreaker. They were second cousins to each other as well. There was no relation, and I thought she was somewhat attractive too thin.

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Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. I would and have dated people with my last name. The worst part about dating someone with the same name is easily when you have a messy break up though.