Dating starrett tools Dating Starrett Tools

Dating starrett tools

Now that's the problem, I still have to work for a living.

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Here are a couple of pictures, I have a couple of mic's, I do not think they are the satin chrome and they are blue datings starrett tools Guess I'll never get rich off my catalogs. The web site is a great idea, I wish someone would start one for Lufkin as I have a rather extensive collection of their tools. On the back side it's calibrated in 64ths, no vernier, with marks for inside and outside measurement.

Is there a particular brand you recommend, with certain tools? Last edited by a moderator: Starrett name stamped on them.

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Here's an old dating starrett tools Starrett vernier caliper. Starrett manufacturing is 'piece-work' and old and new parts were intermixed, sometimes for years! Patents automatically expired after twenty years from the date of. How cool is that?

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Im trying to learn a little about building engines and need a few tools. All kidding aside I like your project. The data I have recorded to date is quite sparse and undoubtedly will benefit from corrections and additional information.

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Login to Your Account. Thread starter jamesicus Start date Aug 5, I've collected a few older Starrett tools in the past couple of years and found two that didn't have the "Co.

We also note that the name change was applied in to the way all Starrett tools were marked. James, I have thought about building a Lufkin site, but currently it's not high on my list of priorities, but it is on the radar.

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I think it might have been a dealer's counter catalog Regards Scientists working in the desert badlands. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The first was a 12" caliper that seems to be able to be used as either an inside or outside caliper photo 1 and 2.

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I believe this is the original box off the " Mic. Ah yes, Tom, that is indeed an unfortunate problem - I will try to put together a Lufkin page - with your help just a little and guidance. Why not compose such a web site yourself, Tom?

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