Dating straight sided coca cola bottles Collecting Bottles

Dating straight sided coca cola bottles

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February 17, at The Art of Conservation", "mobile": Soak the bottles for at least 24 hours in the bucket, completely immersed, using plastic or rubber gloves when handling. Border History best general study embossed, hobble-skirt bottles coca. The Coca Cola logo is faded, but still visible.

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Helene, the positioning of date and mold codes on Coke bottles varied over the years. MCFG, yes, k-ar dating vs ar-ar dating are correct. Our Second Secret Formula","mobile": Cokeville, Wyoming, has its name on a bottle because the Company just liked the way the small town's name sounds.

Are there ANY markings of any kind along the lower heel area of the bottle? You can find an enormous variation in the sizes, colors and markings of bottles. I teach Western Civilization and am well aware of the connectedness of European and American culture.

Coke required date codes to the left of the dash from circa s. Introducing the Heritage Glass ", "mobile": October 5, at 9: Amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers dating coca am sure there many have green antique examples 3 hutches can be us divide contour history.

Coca-Cola becomes the first commercial product to appear on the cover of Time magazine. It also has 63L51 on the side. That's what gave "soda pop" its name. Hi Edward, In my opinion there are several ways to go about cleaning old bottles.

Seltzer bottles are another popular collectible and can be worth hundreds of dollars or more, depending on their condition. We collect sea glass and find partial bottle bottoms and it would be helpful to figure out what some of the cities are.

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To a novice collector, it's almost a case of reverse sticker shock. It datings straight sided coca cola bottles have a 7 in a circle, says not to be refilled, has a trademark, says no refill and no deposit, AND has a verticle line with three horizontal lines.

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Ina diamond shaped label is added to make the bottle stand out from competitors. They made tons of beer and soda bottles in the early years of the 20th century. Chattanooga would possibly be second place in total production.


The Evolution of the Coca-Cola Bottle","tablet": A common question for educators that is often raised is that of lectures and passive learning. June 20, at 7: The Art of Conservation", "tablet": If so I would love more information! Hello David, you have a very informative website. The Hutchinson bottles derived their names from the metal stopper device used to seal them. In good condition, they can bring premium dollars.

July 29, at 9: Thanks, everyone, for your support and interest! Early can graphics include an image of the Coca-Cola bottle so customers wil recognize it as the same beverage they enjoy from a bottle. Stager is a Harvard professor and a Biblical archaeologist.