Dating through menopause Would you date a women going through Menopause?

Dating through menopause

I don't think that happens to most men. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesdayoff Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday on and 4 off rotates thru so we get some weekends off and some we work. I didn't ever have hot datings through menopause though I did have night sweats.

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Would you rather have a bloody mess and PMS? Wont date a woman before, during or after.

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Glad you like to learn, that's wonderful in a person. Claudius5 I am not sure. Go for it,My sex drive increased.

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Ya killed her dating through menopause kindness You working on a Tuesday? Not only the Hot flashes but the lack of sexual drive. Usually caused by low testosterone because the body stops producing it as we get older. Maybe Google Andropause and Prostate.

I don't mind dating someone going thru the change of life.

I know it's not something I dwell on and certainly don't focus on. I don't think men really focus as much on menopause as they do on getting py Jc. I don't like those words Trish.

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Everybody's symptoms are different so it's best not to assume anything. Lack of sex drive??? Most of the replies phone hookup for car honest and informative.

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Not every two people are the same. It's about time you caught up with the rest of us!!!

Claudius for example is in the medical field. The whole thing lasted 3 months for me.

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Please tell me they don't really mean it Ppl only " hear" the negative stories We are people too But, it slows down normally during middle age and even more so in later years, individual amounts vary. Usually something a powerful fan cannot fix or dressing in layers' nor the oil I had a really great girlfriend who was willing to giggle with me over the craziness of trying to date again and I read funny books that friends gave me.

How do you think others would describe your smile, your eyes, your nose?

At least most of the guys I've ever known, in my age range, have said this about their spouses. Jimmy, that is so true. The changes and uncertainty are emotionally draining not to mention renegotiating your relationship with your STBX and guiding your children through the transition. There is no way to confuse hot flashes with sex drive.