Dating tintype photographs Is My Image a Tintype?

Dating tintype photographs

The on- glass slides, a stereo form more popular in Europe than in America, were available in two standard sizes, 45 x mm and 6 x 13 cm.

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Post-Civil War period, beginning in and enjoyed a peak of popularity from to Location city or country, US or abroad and income level can also impact a woman's style choices. The CDV and tintype overlapped during these eras as serious portrait photography. But tintype photo studios were still around into the early s as a novelty.

Style clues & cues in antique photos

The cost of an dating tintype photographs at the time the process became obsolete was about 25 cents. A very slow up to 20 sec. Can you only see image from an angle? Sizes of stereo cards and slides: To identify the wet- plate negative, look for an uneven coating were the syrupy colloidal base of the glass plate did not flow to the very edges of the glass.

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Plate Size and Color

Most tintypes are found today as kodak lens dating pictures. I knew from my earlier research that all three of my great-grandfather's brothers eventually wound up farming in Kansas, after stops in Washington, D. Wet- plate photographers helped to open the American West by taking their cameras out of the studio and on location assignment with the survey teams of the U.

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The following chart lists the first characteristics you should look for when trying to identify and date old photographs. In the midst of growing several award-winning websites over the past decade, she also served as the editor-in-chief of two national print magazin Another extensive online resource is the Library of Congress.

Tintypes of this time are primarily one- sixth and one- fourth plate and are often datable by the Potter's Patent paper holders, adorned with patriotic stars and datings tintype photographs, that were introduced during the period. For men, look at vests, neckties, the fit of a jacket loose or fitted and how it is buttoned.

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Does image seem to have depth or 3D look? Either fault leads to the same result: Gem portraits were commonly stored in special albums with provision for a single portrait per page.

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Cased Images and Tintype KwikGuide and. Plate Size and Color Brown or 'chocolate' plates as they were known were introduced in These were only popular for a few years and were seldom used after These became popular in the mid- s. Broken down by decade: Very early examples of the tintype used the same pieces and methods for packaging used for ambrotypes.

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The most rare of all of these stamps is the one cent red "playing cards" and the most common is the orange two cent "playing cards". It was common for the ambrotype to be colored.

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The jackets seem to indicate a photo taken in the s, but I'm still not certain. They have a distinct hue, though some may be subtle as there were three different tints available.

The larger size created new problems of photographic quality.

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