Dating tips in your 30s 12 Tips for Dating in Your 30s (and Loving It)

Dating tips in your 30s, 1. approach it like you would a friendship

The sex is AWESOME.

Michelle Sweezey Michelle is a recovering overacheiver, mama to two spunky small people, and spiritual gangster wannabe. So now you're intimidating, when before at 25, you were sweet and unassuming.

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It really is best to stick to the other methods outlined here, so leave this one to the cliched rom coms. Keep this field blank. That being said, be ready to see them; stay open and choose your concessions carefully. We've all seen it: I think I need to post this to my mirror! We all have skeletons in our closets. As you sift through the available partners, some are great, but there are also a lot of wounded birds, angry or bitter from a divorce or the worst — perennial bachelors who won't settle on a date if their lives depended on it.

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2. Remember you have amazing blueprints

The number of single friends is dwindling, so there is also more pressure to be coupled up. The internet can a nightmare for anyone—full of way too many dudes doing bathroom mirror selfies, no matter their age. Once you reach 30, you've officially achieved grown-ass dating tips in your 30s status. The right person will come at the right time and for the right reasons. I was having a girl chat with my mother and she was so against online dating.

Fear of missing out?

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Comments Share your opinion Your name. Check Your Email Follow the link we sent to your email address to verify your account. You can tell whether a guy is actually a potential man-friend or just a hookup in under two seconds.

“I’ve got 60-year-olds reaching out to me online.”

To be honest, this is a little bit of advice everyone could use. Telling the attractive lawyer that you want three kids and already have their names picked out on the second date is not a good idea.

Dating friends of friends requires a little extra tact, though: Still waiting for everything to "fall into place"? Again, this is a kind of built-in filter mechanism: Are you sure you want to log out?

2. The Young Want You

However, he often made comments that rubbed me the wrong way, and I always had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. If it comes let it come, if it stays let it stay, if it goes, well, let it go. You may unsubscribe at any time. But after the vacations have been had, the gifts have been exchanged and the nest has been feathered, what you're left with — besides a bunch of stuff — is a real, live human being with no monetary value.

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