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Just posted this on my personal journal, figured you guys might wanna see too. Guess it goes back to my childhood and love of fairy tales and their pictures, especially of medieval-style princes and princesses, also pirates and villains, who usually had long, dark hair. Saturday, March 14th, I absolutely adore men with long hair. The closer any dating website guys with long hair guy comes to meeting my trifecta, the hotter I find him.

Hearts and stars guys.

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Friday, October 30th, I have a new computer and have not downloaded all the old date. Sunday, March 15th, By a girl who loves a longhaired-man.

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Let's see how these turn out: Some guys are just not meant to have short hair and when it actually grew out, it was nicer than my own! What a fine piece of man he was. I love a man with long hair!!

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My husband used to have long hair and I woul run my hands through it endlessly. Saturday, October 31st, Ok, so having a macbook is relatively new to me and photobooth is still amusing.

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I have been dating this kid for almost 5 years. Here is a link to a cyber friend with beautiful blonde hair: Monday, December 21st, Friday, June 19th, Just out of the shower! Here is a picture of it right before we cut it: I thought you guys might get a kick out of these. Saturday, December 19th, Hi my name is Giselle and I have always loved men with long hair, not so much the long and matty look, but he long latin gypsy look, or a vampire look.

He gets more compliments than I do!

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I thought it might be time to reintroduce myself. I am posting this because he thinks he's fat I'm not obligated to list every holiday here, am I? As you might imagine, I'm a fan of metal.

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