Dating yamaha recording custom drums Expert Review: Yamaha Recording Custom

Dating yamaha recording custom drums

I've got some intense practicing to do I suck! Regarded as the most recorded drum set in history, the all birch design was instrumental in shaping the modern drum set as we know it today including shell construction, interchangeable hardware and high gloss lacquer finishing.

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It sounds amazing and I want to keep it dating sites bicester that work setting it up and stuff but I'm thinking some sort of recompense is due. Thanks again for all the replies everyone - Mackin. If you email Yamaha the serial number they can tell you. SO I reason that my set could've been "Made" in 99', Shipped and warehoused in 00', got at the dating yamaha recording custom drums store and sat for 00''???

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How old is my kit ? (Looking for Yamaha serial number info)

My Vistalite kit with the 24" kick is tucked away, and the 24" Pearl Custom Z bass sounds incredible but it is not getting any use either since I have that kit set up with an 18" converted floor tom for my son to play. Thanks for taking the time write all of that down It feels pretty special to begin playing a totally new instrument when you're used to being pretty decent on your main instrument which is guitar in my case.

Keep them if you are happy, but the seller did not use accurate info so just get something back or all if you want to trade out. I read somewhere a while ago that Yamaha's Hagi said that David Garibaldi was going back to his old, natural-wood finish RCs after years and years and discovering how good the sound was.

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The attention to detail on this kit is par excellence. Need help identifying my Yamaha Recording Custom That's not a recording custom. Any information appreciated Thanks for reading, - Mackin P.

I've never heard of a Yamaha Recording Custom kit being made any where else.

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Originally Posted by Artstar This one on the bottom of this catalog page is the exact model and finish I had. Return of the RCs! Need help identifying my Yamaha Recording Custom Apparently, not only does the finish age nicely on that particular RC but so too does the sound. As for tuning intervals - I usually use the 'call to post' as my starting point. Way better than Stage Customs? I also have an 8" RC tom that I bought a couple of years ago from Bennett's drum shop. I cranked the crap outta mine and they stripped after five years.

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I think it's really getting narrowed down.