Dating zebco reels Zebco, Zero Hour Bomb Company

Dating zebco reels

Some had two inline rivets and some were a two rivet diagonal pattern. All of the two riveted foot style reels were fiberglass composite bodies as far as I know.

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Hi Regan Your correct, my mistake, all early 33 reels are metal body metal foot, mid production reels are composite body metal foot, and later 33 reels are all composite body and foot one piece construction. An inquiry prompted a back and forth discussion which ended with the company owner also a collector and former employee telling me it had indeed been made that way. Then a metal foot slid into a plastic foot, and then the all plastic body. I think they were still brass, but coated. Help troubleshooting Quantum gear determine if it needs should able provide structural clues their popular searches.

I've been doing the Zebco for 13yrs and am still learning different facts.

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The reel looked identical, and the lever was the most noticeable change. Give us a shot and we will make sure that you will look to us again! This one has the metal foot plate which indicates it's one of the older versions. The company is acquired by Brunswick Corporation. Sat Aug 31, 3: Zebco mh sz60 fighter spin.

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The older model 33 reels had a large headed single rivet on the foot. It shouldn't be too much longer before it's published and for sale, it's been 5 yrs. Tulsa Okla omega review now, due fact these will not last long shelf. I've done a lot of reading on this site before joining, and it seems that there were MANY changes over the years, but a lot of searching has not produced an answer to this particular question.

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Pat dating zebco reels s 1 Zebco Model 33 see zebco. Zebco acquires Martin Fly Fishing. Fri Aug 30, 8: Fri Aug 30, 4: D Hull datings zebco reels away at the age of In excellent condition functionally.

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Mon Jun 30, 7: I am hoping someone here can help me. Reel is in very good condition with minimum signs of usage if any.

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Pre-owned and has some light wear-scuffing from general use and being jumbled in with other reels in the storage bucket.

Hull was always changing something on the reels.

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